CFQ Healing Qigong

CFQ Healing Qigong

By Dana Marcon

Last Updated: Jun 19, 2007

Qigong ( pronounced chi gong) is an art that has been practiced for over 5000 years. Originally, it was designed as a way of harmonizing oneself to deal with threatening life situations. Over time, the discipline became very complex.  It is estimated by some sources that there are 20,000 types of Qigong practices. This Chinese practice is making its way into mainstream culture. It is even used at the Dana Faber Cancer center in Boston

A wider meaning of Qigong  can be defined as a system of practical methods of dealing with emotions and thoughts or the mind. CFQ Qigong is defined as a practical method of dealing with consciousness in order to enhance our inherent resilience response and thoughts to optimize health.

CFQ Qigong was created by Master Yap Soon Yeong of Malaysia. Master Yap uses the theme to relax, be at peace and allow your vast human resilience to sort out your problems. The techniques he uses are for self-care and for teaching individuals to be self-reliant in overcoming and dealing with health problems.

CFQ Qigong consists of seven movements, as well as complementary movements. The seven movements are referred to as the hexagram dance.  They can be performed in 13 to 15 minutes. CFQ Qigong does not need a lot of space, nor does it need any equipment or special clothing. Exercises can be done standing, sitting or even laying down. Once learned they can be practiced inside or outside, on any type of surface.

To practice CFQ Qigong exercises does not require visualization at all, what is required is to perform the steps without cognitive activity. The simplicity of the steps ensures that stale tension energy has no room to hide in the body, but must flow downward and outward through the limbs.  The exercises use slow, smooth movements.  There is no need to ensure that breathing is coordinated with the movements. To follow these principles and procedures correctly your breathing will eventually spontaneously keep pace with the movements. In this way, you can do one thing at a time, leaving you free to focus your concerns on the movements. Performing the exercises without strength insures the smooth flow of bioenergy and blood. The prolonged practice of CFQ Qigong promotes slimming of the body with an optimal removal of undesirable body fluids, fat and waste products.

The purpose of the CFQ Qigong exercises is to enable you to be at peace.  You have no motives, no intention. The practitioner, at least for that period is not bothered about any problems or health and is not even inclined to speak of wanting to recover from difficulties.  You are at peace with the movements.

I had been a patient in many different types of healing therapies, as a result of a highway accident, two subsequent fender benders and a tumor. After having experienced chronic pain for over ten years, I am now free from it.

For years, I exercised as a way of reducing my stress and rehabilitating my body. The harder I worked out, the better I had always felt. I knew that eventually I would need to figure out a way to exercise that would be gentler on my body.

I was looking for something that would rejuvenate my body and take me into an inner peace. I was introduced to CFQ Qigong. The first four movements can be used as a moving meditation. “Wow!” I thought. “Mediating while I was moving and no effort required with the movements!” I needed to find a way to relax and this was it for me.  My personality was such that my mind was constantly thinking. This way I could concentrate on the movements and get into a zone. I was sold.

My personal healing journey with CFQ Qigong was astounding. Having personal success with CFQ Qigong convinced me to show this to clients.  I would ask them to do the movements as a way of getting back their range of motion. Each one, returned to the office with amazing results.  After three nights of practicing one of the movements, one lady who had not slept for nine years, experienced peaceful feeling and fell into a sound sleep. She continues to sleep soundly to this day. One client, who felt she did not have much to live for, practiced for eight weeks and returned to my office with all of her physical symptoms decreased and a different overlook on life.  Another lady found it helpful in dealing with grief from the loss of her husband, uncle and nephew. One client found his ten years of hip pain was gone after a few weeks of practice and two treatments.

Many colleagues have had similar experiences in their personal lives and professional practices.  Some have experienced increases in concentration, more relaxation, less pain, less depression, and a decrease in muscular inflammation.  Some have found increases in their hearing, reduction in pain, while others have found pain relief in their arthritic joints.

Given the extreme despair and anxiety caused by cancer, it takes a powerful strategy to avoid concentrating on the disease. The effort to switch attention away from the disease is an important feature of the CFQ Qigong.  This decreases the time you have for negative mental and emotional distractions.  Each time you become aware of your focus going towards the disease, you go back to practicing CFQ. In practice you are cultivating a detachment from the thoughts.

I am happy to say CFQ Qigong is thriving in the Atlantic Provinces and beyond with many instructors available to teach you. As the president of the CFQ Healing Qigong Society, we also look forward to bring Master Yap here in June 2008 for a series of workshops.

Come and join us in learning this incredible practice that can aid you in many ways on your journey through cancer.

Dana M. Marcon is a Medical and Clinical Exercise Specialist, Certified Personal Trainer, and Senior Life Strategist Coach in the Dr Phil Network. She is a level 1 instructor for CFQ Qigong and President of the CFQ Healing Qigong Society of Atlantic Canada. You can reach her at (902) 429-5214  or reach her by email at

To find an instructor in your area visit the society’s website at

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